Under the line

Monday is jobs day in our house. It’s part of the rhythm to our week. Christie @Childhood 101 writes about this more here and Carrie from The Parenting Passageway here.

It’s the re-group after the weekend and the organisation before the week unravels too far. Although much of the morning is giving out cuddles and sorting out the play as we remember what this ‘home’ thing is that we do.

For most of the morning I am doing this:

And for each peg – a prayer, praise, thanks or request.

I’d like to share with you each Monday the some of the very random prayers…

- for this day and that we are together

- thanks for the clothes passed on, that they can have another wear. For the children who have previously worn it, bless them.  Bless their families today too in whatever ways they are loving and serving

- thanks for my children and the interruptions to hanging out this washing

- thanks for the sand that I shake out of each item, for the weekend of togetherness, work, play, community and serving you at work camp. For the time spent at the beach and the incredible warm sun, day after day after day.

- for those mums who are sick or who are tending to sick families. They need and extra dose of patience and love today. Sickness is unfair to anyone, but adds an extra dimension to a mother’s work in the day. Be with these mums.

- for traveling mums, taking children to school, kindy, playgroup etc. Keep them safe in their cars and be the silent passenger in all travels, walks and moments.

- for mums juggling, be it work and being a mum, other relationships, hardships, grief, trauma, new family situations, disappointments, surprises and joys. Be the breath in and breath out when and extra moment is needed.

- for those at home today like us, help us appreciate all the moments. Whether they be screams of hurt and frustration and the tears that follow, the smiles, the ‘watch this mum,’ the snuggles when reading a book, preparation of meals. God be in it all.

God be in my head, and in my understanding, God be in my eyes, And in my looking, God be in my mouth, And in my speaking; God be in my heart, And in my feeling; God be at my death And at my departing.” ~Walford Davies

Thanks for walking,


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About thelittlewalkbefore

Welcome to the walk! This walk is about moving. Through life, through death, with kids, without kids, in moments and beyond them. It’s about finding purpose, meaning and grace in this (practice) walk before the real deal. It’s about simple things in our days that step us from one moment to the next and how to make the best of these moments. I look forward to walking with you!
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3 Responses to Under the line

  1. Tan says:

    Gorgeous Rach – I have neglected my thankfulness blog and sometimes forget to look further than my household. I really want you to know how much you inspire me and my heart really longs for a time when we can sit and share sometime soon.

  2. Kirra says:

    Know, dear friend, that your blog today will be added to my never ending list of gratitudes… Eucharisteo!!
    Oh… and your family was attached to one of my pegs of prayer this morning over our never empty heating duct! What is this incredibly warm sun you speak of?? xx

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